WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Richard's review of Real Money by Stunna

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Just got July box and set up 11 MODs and tanks to try everything in one day. My fourth choice was Cash Money . I've had this before. Still just as good as before. On the inhale I get a brown sugar taste and on the exhale it's vanilla cheesecake. The brown sugar lingers around long enough to taste the van. cheesecake mix in perfectly. Will definitely be ordering again in another box later.

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Show off! Here I sit with an antique AEøLüS drip set atop a KBOX miniC, and having to wind my own coils. I quit smoking when prices of cigs went nuts, but thanks to ZampleBox I'm happily indulging on basic tools until I hit the lottery. Vets disabled widows get pennies to live on! At least I see another vaper here with great taste.


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