Introducing the 30ml ZampleBox! $4.91 per 30ml bottle!

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BB King by STYX

Fresh banana bread

60% VG


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I got this at 18mg on a whim, even though it is way higher than I vape at now days. I wish they had it available at something closer to my usual nic level, because I would absolutely order it again for a similar price. When I got it, the label was pealing off the bottle. Clearly they didn't use the right adhesive for the type of bottles they use, which would normally make me a bit weary, but I opened it up, and it smelled so good I really wanted to try it, despite it being incredibly dark. From the very first moment, before even steeping, I got a nice, strong, smooth, delicious banana bread. Exactly as advertised. The juice is almost black it's so dark though, so coils probably won't last long on it. I hope they manage to get more of this in at different nic levels.