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Lychee Tea by Sweet Tea

Sweet and delicate flavor of Lychee fruit

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Top negative review


Unfortunatly this was the worst flavor I have ever recieved and has been the first that was so bad that I had acctually had to throw it away and possibly a new coil as well. If 0 stars was an option this would definatly deserve it.

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It didn't taste ANYTHING like lychee or tea. It tasted like a sour shoe. It tasted very, very rubbery for some weird reason. I shook it up, used a new coil, primed it properly and did everything else, but still tasted awful. I thought still that maybe I was doing something wrong so I put a dab of it on my finger just to taste a bit.... AWFUL :(

TASTED FLAVORS: rubber, sour, slightly sweet dirty tennis shoe