WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Arabic Oasis by TBCO

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Arabic Oasis TBCO

1.0/5 1 Rating
Arabic Oasis has tobacco
Arabic Oasis has coffee
Arabic Oasis has vanilla

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A true to life Vanilla Arabica Café inhale with a robust Tobacco exhale. Perfect for the recent ex-smoker.

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


Vapor Production
Throat Hit

Top negative review

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I never would have thought I would be giving Arabic Oasis one star. A little less than a year ago my fiancé and I were on a road trip and we walked into a vape shop in La Plata, MD (both of us are very picky) and experienced the best most amazing, flavorful and delicious e-liquid either of us have ever tasted. This very special e-liquid was Arabic Oasis, we couldn't believe how fantastic this juice was but they don't sell it at our local vape shops here in Austin, TX so we ordered it online a few months later and we were still treated with the aromatic, delicious, bold flavor (and smell!) that we loved. But then, we ordered our same favorite flavor again a couple months after that and it was not the same at all, it didn't smell like anything and it was overly sweet and tasteless a totally different juice all together, completely unrecognizable! We chalked it up to being a bad batch so we waited a while and ordered more a couple months later but our experience was the same, it tasted like nothing but white sugar, we tried letting it "steep" adjusting the wattage, we tried different vapes but unfortunately it was to no avail. So, sadly unless you guys go back to the original recipe we wont be ordering Arabic Oasis anymore. You once had an amazing, unparalleled vape juice but now it seems it has been reduced to nothing but sugar water. So, so sad.


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