The Blueprint C.R.E.A.M E-Juice Flavor
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Cash rules everything around me? Nah - the Wu Tang Clan got it wrong. This rich peanut butter flavored ice cream e-liquid is what rules everything around you.

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Peanut/butter notes are somewhat faint compared to the ice cream for my taste, but I quite liked it.

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Wow I feel like this was a bottle of flavorless cloud . I received it a month ago before doing the review and here is the bottle minus one tank .... blueprint owes me one baby beast t8 coil !

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I felt the peanut butter flavor was too weak on this one. I got more of an ice cream flavor than anything. Which had kind of had an odd tartness to it. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Just meh.


I've had this before and i liked it enough to want to purchase it again at a discounted price i found online. However its a weird flavor very hard to explain. Sure wouldn't use peanut butter in the description. It's ok. Again not exactly sure what the flavor im tasting is. Not mind blowing for sure but not bad.


This juice is decent, and that's about it. You get a hint of what tries to be peanut butter, but falls short. All I came up with was a flavor of a single faint peanut with a drop of cream. Thought this juice had the potential to be so much more!! Ehh mediocre enough to finish the bottle.


I gotta say - I was pretty disappointed by this one - by the description, I thought right off the bat this was gonna be my favorite of the month as I really really love a good peanut butter flavor. Unfortunately, this is not a good peanut butter flavor - I really don't even get Peanut butter here, just kind of a creaminess and a hint of some kind of floral fruitiness and a bit of an earthy flavor on the exhale. I'm giving it 2 stars still because it doesn't taste awful - I'm not going to throw it away and will finish it, but it totally is not the awesome Peanut Butter Ice Cream vape that I was expecting after reading the description.


Doesn't taste like peanut butter at all. Just really really blah and a huge let down. One of my worst reviews ever.