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Drippin Whip by The Fat Jewce
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Fresh, sweet, fluffy whipped cream like you're hitting it straight from the can.

This spot-on flavor is the palette pleasing brainchild from the collaborative forces of internet sensation, The Fat Jew and One Hit Wonder Eliquid.

Vape it straight up for its full bodied, vanilla infused, cream flavor or put a few drops in any other flavor of your liking to add a sweet, whipped cream topping.

Each bottle of Drippin Whip comes labeled with a ScratchVerify secret code. Scratch your label and enter your code online to verify the authenticity of the product and also gain points that can be redeemed for vape gear, apparel and prizes.

80% VG

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Let it soak into your atomizer. Verbatim Whip Cream. Especially on the exhale. Some say it's a little light and that might be because they've forgotten what taking a hit off a can of whip cream tastes like. Like actual whip cream, it plays nice with other flavors too. I find myself using it to stretch the life of flavors I'm running low on. Sweeten up some flavors that I didn't like. And now I keep an Aspire Nautilus filled with Drippin Whip chambered at all times in case S**t get's hectic in Sub-Ohm-ville.