WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Baie Cream by The Lost Fog Collection

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Baie Cream has fruit
Baie Cream has cream
Baie Cream has honey
Baie Cream has berry
Baie Cream has passion fruit
passion fruit

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Cream whipped with honey and topped with passion fruit and tart berries. So good it will have you yelling "Hey Baie!" after every eliquid cloud!


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I want to first start off by writing that I am big fan of the Lost Fog line by Cosmic Fog. I have tried three of the four flavors, with Baie Crème being my favorite by far. The only Lost Fog I have yet to try is the Dapple Whip. I'll say this about this Lost Fog line, especially the Baie Crème, they did a great job of making it very clear to the user that they're vaping a high quality product! The initial fruit blast is sudden and bright with an almost immediate mellow cream note that jumps out towards the end on a very mellow cream taste as you exhale. The flavors mesh well together. But here's the weird thing about Baie Crème...with the exception of the cream, I do not taste any of the flavors that's in the product's description. None. I taste a very strong and almost standalone melon (honeydew) taste mixed with whipped cream! I do not taste the passion fruit or the berries. I had my girlfriend try it just to see if this was one of those situations where I'm just missing the flavors. Now that said and w/out me leading her in any way she said that she tasted melon and French vanilla. Here's the thing though, despite the fact that Baie Crème doesn't taste like anything like the maker's claims, this is still one of my favorite ADVs out there! I love this melon...err...passion fruit and crème creation!

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Tastes deeply of watermelon to me. I don't mind the flavor at all. Kilda rough on the throat hit.