The Milkman Churrios
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The Milkman is back with a brand new flavor! The geniuses behind the Vaping Rabbit line of premium e-juice are taking us all on a journey to yet another level of vaping with Churrios. The Milkman has taken warm, fluffy churros sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and covered them in that signature fresh milk you've come to know and love, delivering yet another truly sensational flavor right to your taste buds in a delicious, vapable, MAX VG bottle. Well balanced and extremely delicious, Churrios delivers you a perfect vaping experience worthy of being an all-day-vape, 30ml at a time.


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Max VG
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Deep churro flavor on the inhale that took me back to the county fair. Good stuff

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Honestly if you can't rip the fattest clouds don't get this.

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Cinnamon, sugar, bakery, milk ... this reminds me of something like cinnamon Cheerios. Get it? Yeah. You get it.

On the inhale you are hit with cinnamon sugar and milk with that flakey bakery taste tying everything together. On the exhale you get the bakery taste mixed with milk and sweet sugar. Don't get my description wrong, though. This doesn't cross my sweet line at all. It's savory sweet deliciousness is good for all day vaping, though the cinnamon can get a bit overwhelming if vaped too frequently (not a great chain vape). Vape tongue can happen for sure.

This is another one in my regular rotation and will always be in my queue.

Definitely will recommend to anyone who likes bakery, cereal, milk, or cinnamon vapes.


This was one of the first flavors i got when i started. Taste is amazing and the smell is almost as good.