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Indian Giver by Traditional Juice Co.
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A sweet and savory deep fried ice cream topped with powdered sugar.

60% VG

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I've tried quite a few custard flavors, and although this one is labeled as an ice cream flavor it is definitely more of a custard than anything else. A pretty decent premium custard. As far as custards go, I think this one is good but at the same time, it's pretty basic. Not anything really special. Great vapor production and a nice low to medium throat hit.

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I asked for 30oz. of "Tribe" in my platinum box two months in a row. THIS was in there instead. May AND June. So Zamplebox credited me Zamplebucks so I could order "Tribe"....I did just that! when my package came I ripped open the package with a ton of excitement and THIS was in my hand instead of Tribe AGAIN! 😭😭😭 I can only make 1 connection in common with all 3 mess ups..My boxes were packed in Arizona instead of Washington State for the first time beginning in May. Perhaps the cover art is too similar between both flavors. "Indian Giver" and "Tribe" both show a profile view of an indian in a chiefs' headdress. I'm not hating Indian Givers''s just very, very mild. very mild. Too mild. And I have 3-30oz. bottles of it! Argh.


Almost completely tasteless. A slight hint of chocolate syrup and powdered sugar, but no ice cream taste at all. Doesn't vape very well either. Would not recommend.