WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Mangabeys by Twelve Monkeys Vapor

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Mangabeys has fruit
Mangabeys has guava
Mangabeys has tropical
Mangabeys has mango
Mangabeys has pineapple

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Tropika's Caribbean cousin has arrived! Mangabeys is related in concept yet distinctive in flavour. Mangabeys will transport you to the sunny carefree shores of the Caribbean islands. This bright and fresh blend of Pineapple, Guava and Mango is accented by a myriad of Caribbean fruits and is the perfect companion for a day basking in the warm tropical sun. Let Mangabeys' Caribbean specific fruits give you a taste of the island lifestyle!


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Photo of Mangabeys by Dennis
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Hey guys, here is a review with some backstory at the end. As of now most people know Twelve Monkeys juice. This one is by far my favorite. I vape it at 6mg and it is not harsh at all for me. I vape 3mg liquid that had an unpleasant throat hit...this one does not. The flavors come through perfectly with an emphasis on the Mango on the inhale and the Guava on the exhale. The pineapple is subtle but there. Mind you this juice is sweeeeet but sooooo good. Alrighty now for that little story I mentioned. I have vaped before for two months a couple of years ago. I tried to quit the stinkies but since I did not get satisfying flavor I fell back on the cigs. So in January I gave it another shot....same issue. Almost no flavor with whatever I vaped. I tried different tanks, different pg/vg, different methods of priming and coils. All with no effect. My last resort was literally Mangabeys and....I arrived in flavor heaven. So for now I am almost smoke free down from a packet a day. I will order the different Twelve Monkeys juices and see how it goes. If any of you guys makes it through this long post please let me know if you have recommendations. Vaping is the true alternative for me and others if the flavor is there. All the best!

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New to this amazing vape world but I could smoke this all day everyday it’s just a big shame you guys don’t have a purchase option on this yet