Urban Legends CR14 E-Juice Flavor
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A photo of questionable authenticity of a UFO over the Culver Hotel, after all this mystery you're going to need a vape of a cucumber mojito. Thank God CR14 is just that!

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I wasn't sure about this flavor at first, but after about 2 minutes, it became my favorite. The cucumber isn't a strong overbearing flavor. It is smooth and then the mint hits just as smooth. An absolute must have.

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the only thing i can think about is the fact that this vape juice DIRECTLY reminds me of the harry potter joke jelly beans. ironically. the "coastal craze" that i got in my box was phenomenal flavor wise. i clearly understand that the juices between the two were made from two diff ppl from two diff companies which is the reason why i wanna generalize my opinion on this juice but i hope this review can reach its owner. peace.

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I am loving this one. It is very good. It tastes like a sweet mojito, it is very refreshing. Vapor production is good, throat hit is low. I definitely recommend this one.


It tastes EXACTLY as it is described, a mojito with a fair amout of cucumber muddled in there. So props to them on that, it just didn't fit my taste pallet the way I hoped it would. The cucumber flavor overwhelms when I had expected it to soothe. This juice is definitely worth a try for the curious and adventurous!


its mint I don't like mint


Can't stand cucumbers....


I want fruity cereal vapes basically everyone you have it is really only flavors I like it seems so far I got 3 boxes where all the flavors sit cause I don't like them