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Lush by Vape Milk

The name of this ejuice says it all! Lush strawberries are layered in rich cream for a sweet and sensual vaping experience.

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Throat Hit



Top positive review


I was excited to try this flavor based off the description. However, the taste isn't very pleasant and the vapor produced has a pungent urine odor. I only vaped one tank full due to complaints from my family members of the smell.

Top negative review


It was just not a flavor I would ever like. Cloyingly sweet to the point of being revolting. For MY taste I've learned to avoid vapes like this. I literally didn't attempt it after one try. Too sticky sweet. Like over ripe or rotting, sticky fruits... Like how a brown banana SO differs from a yellow banana! The overripe brown one is cloying and slimy... even though I love a ripe, yellow candy banana flavor. Make sense? Other tasters might like it they like really "ripe" fruit vapes . I was expecting fruit flies to appear around this bottle.

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Horrible......Taste like a cheap tobacco e liquid