Vape Storm Exile E-Juice Flavor
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Fine, you've made some mistakes and now you've been barred from trying new flavors. Luckily, in exile you've found what you've always been searching for: creamy strawberry custard.

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So far, out of the two VAPE STORM flavors that I have tried, I am a fan. They did an excellent job balancing the cream/custard with the strawberry flavor, resulting in a nice, smooth, delicious juice. Strawberry cream/custard juices are very hit and miss. If you like that strong custard presence in your custard juices, this won't be what you were expecting. The cream and custard flavors are present, but faint. In my opinion, the blend is perfect. It doesn't have that waxy chapstick after taste that you get with too much cream. And it doesn't have that overly eggy custard flavor. I will probably purchase a larger bottle of this, because it's already gone.

Great job VAPE STORM!!!

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Using a iSub tank with a 0.5 ohm coil, vapor production was good. Throat hit is low, but I use 3mg nic. and high VG, so bear that in mind.

I've found cream and custard flavors to be very hit or miss. Either the creaminess overwhelms all other flavors, and in the worst case has an almost plastic-y flavor.

Exile is a refreshing break for this trend. The creamy custard flavor certainly takes center-stage in the overall flavor of the juice, but the strawberry is clear and far more than just a hint of after taste. I would rate the overall sweetness at about medium. The juice is a more delicate one, and I found it was better in an RDA than the Sub Ohm tank I usually rock. Either way though I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Never had a flavor like this, before I dripped some in my tank I noticed it smelt a little like strawberry cough medicine so a little weird first impression. When vaped the flavor is very faint but you can tell it's strawberry. Vapor production is great with very minimal hit. Overall I just with the flavor was a bit more noticable