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Hazelnut Zeppoli by Vape Zeppy

Hazelnut Zeppoli Vape Zeppy

4.0/5 2 Ratings

Zeppy is a freshly fried dough ball you would find at your local carnival or fair. Pair nicely with a generous amount of powdered sugar and layered with a smooth, creamy hazelnut spread to give you an all day vape you won’t be able to put down. 

80% VG

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Top positive review


I have been looking forward to tying this juice for a while now and it didn't disappoint. On the inhale I get a fresh dough ball with hints of powdered super and hazelnut and on the exhale I get a whole lot of hazelnut and some gooey dough ball goodness in there too. The description is very accurate and I would highly recommend this juice to all you hazelnut lovers out there!