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Annex by Versus Vape
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Just like that adorable first date in middle school only better and more forgiving. Give yourself a delightful 18-and-older treat of peach and mango frozen yogurt eliquid.

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A Fruity Yoghurt Flavour. But a really good one. Like slapping some Mango and Peach in a yoghurt pot and using a trowel to splush it around your chops. You like Fruity nom like Peaches and Mango? You Do? You like sweet yoghurt? You do?

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Hello friends, The Jaded Vapor here. Annex by Versus Vape is a taste tee treat with a moderate level of flavor. The inhale brings the main ideas of mango yogurt. Exhale is peachy...nice! Then there is a strange chocolate reminisce of other flavors of the like. I don't think Annex is a good all day vape, however it make a nice treat.
The bottle is of the basic premium variety, nice label, and quality wrap. Opening smell is weak, tongue tip test is right on, very good. If you like the listed flavor the jump in, if not, move on. Thus Annex equals TREAT, not MEAL. GOOD JOB, VERSUS VAPE. Keep them coming.