WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vape Rag by Zamplebox

Actual product may vary from photo

Normally: $4.99

A Vape Rag for cleaning up juice spills.

(does not include stickers)

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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Photo of Vape Rag by Cassandra
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I ADORE my green zamplebox rag I got with my first order so much I bought 5 to have a couple extras and to give to my friends! But what I got were black rags that have a cheap plastic feel like the rags I got from the dollar store for 2/$1!!! I’m so disappointed. The corner even has more paint on it that gives it a rough/stiff feeling, and the fiber of the cloth isn’t as “fluffy” as my original one D:

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Paul avatar



Great for cleaning up juice off your vape

Patricia avatar



I was really hoping for the green rag that is advertised but I got a black one with what feels like an iron on zamplebox logo. I still like it. It’s just not what I was expecting. Other than that, it serves its purpose very well.

Photo of Vape Rag by Shane
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So when I joined zamplebox my box never came with a rag like everyone else’s 11 box so I ordered one and got the black one and it’s not a soft rag like the green one I would love to have a green one but I know if I order more with my luck I’ll get all the same black ones again

Photo of Vape Rag by romuald
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when you touch it you know you got quality in your hands. they absorbe liquide really well to. if they would be green it would be perfect 😀💚

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A must have washable and durable I love mine

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Really nice rag best material one I’ve seen.