WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
ZB GO Refillable Pods by ZB GO

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ZB GO Refillable Pods ZB GO

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2 pack of ZB GO refillable pods (2 mL)

For adult smokers of legal smoking age only.


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I have tried four pods so far, three with nic salt eliquid one with free base eliquid from my monthly box (you can use regular e juice in your ZBGO, they recommend you use nic salts in these devices). The ones with the nic salts did not leak or experience any malfunction what so ever, they also produce okay flavor and vapor production. But the one I used the free base eliquid with seemed fine at first.

The flavor was a bit muted, but I use a RDA when I'm at home and the pod system when I am on the move. so I don't have to carry a box mod and juice everywhere with me. Well I took a drag off my zbgo was fine took another tasted cotton I took the pod out there was a hole in the side of it like there was a chip missing. I know what you're thinking I dropped it but I just filled it up no more than thirty minutes before took a total of ten drags off of it, this was before I was leaving home. It didn't leave my hand I was just sitting down talking to my family. All I know is I couldn't find the bit of the side that came off and when I pulled it out it's like it started crumbling apart in my hand without any force or effort like something ate the plastic away making it weaker. The gold plated contact pins on the bottom of the pod even fell out in my hand the base split in two.

The freebase eliquid I used was Frosted Glass by The Classic Line Favorites 6mg nic, wasn't feeling the nic salts today I am new to them and I am still getting use to them. This might just be a defective pod a random freak occurrence but I don't feel like wasting more of my pods to test this theory out.

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These pods are the worst part of the ZBGO. I’ve used 6 and they have all leaked and come loose and they last maybe a week tops.

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Don't really recommend using free base juice. After the first few hits the pod started to leak. Excellent for nic salt and juice that's 60-50/50.

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I love them . Perfect hit Occasionally hitched but when it's good it's epic .

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They are easy to fill, give great flavor, long lasting, and have a good juice capacity.

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The pods are ok. It leaks when u fill it all the way up. And the coils burn quite quickly if ur a heavy vapor. I don't like how it leaks from the top also and its kinda annoying. But cleaning it up is a breeze . I just wish it doesn't leak on the mouth piece.

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Tried to use it, didn't work very well, then it started leaking within minutes.