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With the year coming to an end, it's time to start voting for your favorite e-juices to win the 2016 E-Liquid Awards. The categories this year are: Cereal, Mint, Drink, Tobacco, Cream, Candy, Custard, Dessert, Fruit, and Best Overall Flavor.


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2016 most popular e-juices so far

Cereal Milk Juice

Cereal Milk

by Kilo E Liquids

5.0/5 6,035 Ratings

fruit, cream, breakfast, milk, cereal, and fruit loops

Fruit Whip Juice

Fruit Whip

by Kilo E Liquids

5.0/5 1,457 Ratings

fruit, cream, berry, apple, tropical, and pear

Cut Strawberry Milk Juice

Cut Strawberry Milk

by California Vaping Company

5.0/5 1,067 Ratings

dessert, cream, bakery, cookie, milk, sugar cookie, berry, strawberry, and organic

Kiberry Yogurt Juice

Kiberry Yogurt

by Kilo E Liquids

5.0/5 4,538 Ratings

fruit, yogurt, berry, kiwi, strawberry, and tangy

Tru Blue Juice

Tru Blue

by Kilo E Liquids

5.0/5 4,258 Ratings

fruit, cream, custard, berry, and blueberry

Watermelon Gummy Juice

Watermelon Gummy

by Emoji

5.0/5 4,953 Ratings

fruit, candy, gummy, sour, melon, watermelon, and tangy

Legion of Ploom Juice

Legion of Ploom

by Legion of Ploom

5.0/5 1,744 Ratings

fruit, berry, pomegranate, fruit punch, blue raspberry, punch, citrus, and raspberry

Kiwi Strawberry Juice

Kiwi Strawberry

by Snap Liquids

5.0/5 2,233 Ratings

fruit, berry, kiwi, strawberry, and tangy

Snake Bite Juice

Snake Bite

by The Viscid Collection

5.0/5 1,471 Ratings

fruit, coconut, peach, apple, melon, mango, and watermelon

Sour Belts Juice

Sour Belts

by Oneup Vapor

5.0/5 4,909 Ratings

fruit, candy, candy apple, gummy, sour, apple, green apple, tart, watermelon, and strawberry

Fairies & Cream Juice

Fairies & Cream

by Banzai Vapor

5.0/5 1,629 Ratings

fruit, cream, berry, blueberry, and strawberry

Streek Juice


by Cosmic Fog

5.0/5 3,685 Ratings

fruit, cream, yogurt, berry, and strawberry

Cali Milk Juice

Cali Milk

by Cali Steam

5.0/5 2,532 Ratings

fruit, cream, milk, custard, berry, and strawberry

Nanas Treat Juice

Nanas Treat

by Drip n Drops

5.0/5 1,758 Ratings

dessert, cream, rich, chocolate, fudge, ice cream, berry, banana, and strawberry

Churros and Strawberry Ice Cream Juice

Churros and Strawberry Ice Cream

by Oneup Vapor

5.0/5 3,577 Ratings

dessert, cream, spicy, cookie dough, bakery, cookie, cinnamon, churro, berry, tart, and strawberry

2016 Winners
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