ABAY Starter Kit by ABAY

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ABAY Starter Kit ABAY

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Materials - Made with premium quality materials including 24-carat gold plated contacts and ceramic cell vaporizer. Consistency - Consistent satisfaction from the first hit to last.


Taste - Excellent taste thanks to ceramic cell vaporizing technology. No cotton or silica wicks. More Vapor - Refined airflow and powerful vaporization creates best-in-class vapor production. Never Run Out - Proprietary on-the-go charger will recharge your ABAY 5 times. You no longer need to worry about running out of battery.


2x More Liquid - 4 ABAY pods contain 6.4mL of liquid while 4 JUUL pods contain only 2.8mL. Save Money - You get all the quality and performance of ABAY for less money per mL of liquid than JUUL.


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Best pod system I've gotten my hands on yet. Holds more juice than JUUL, and can't put it down.

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Got my starter kit delivered a few days ago and I'm pumped. Simple, great looking device with awesome flavor options.



Small, simple, yet powerful pod system. The attention to detail on the kit and pods is way above average. The charge cable is braided mesh, with springs to help prevent breaking. New pods have a strip on them to prevent leaking, like printer ink does. VERY impressed.