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Justin's review of TFV8 Baby Beast Replacement Coils (5-Pack) by SMOK

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how do you choose whick ones you want to buy cuz I'm trying to get the Q2(0.4 Dual Core)

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I bought these coils for the item of which it states the product if for... the BABY BEAST!!! The actual coils are for the X baby tank, which is totally different than the baby beast. So I do not think that zample box is aware of what coils are M2, ones for the battery stick and baby tank. These coils are specific to an older tank SMOK sold that is not the baby beast nor are they compatible with the baby beast. The Q2 Q4 and Q6 also Q8 are the ones people will find in vape shops and other sites.

fyi - some of the comments posted below are NOT for baby tanks


I'VE MADE ALL THE WRONG PURCHASES HERE B4 AND NOW KNOW WHICH COILS ARE THE CORRECT ONES FOR THE BABY BEAST AND BABY BEAST BROTHER IN THIS DROP DOWN MENU First of all, you're in the right place for the 1st step; You selected the "TFV 8 baby beast Replacement Coils (5 pack)" now you need to look for this in the drop-down menu:
"V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core Dual Coil Design 0.4ohm rated for 40-80W, recommended 55-65W"

That is the Baby Beast coil pack you want. They go in the Baby Beast and the Baby Beast Brother. The way you know is the "Q" in the coil description.

Stay clear of ANYTHING that has a" V 12", an "X" or an "M" in the coils' name on this list! Those are for tanks that are totally different from the Baby Beast and Baby Beast Brother!

There are coils in this list that are for totally different types of tanks!
I mistakenly got coils from this list for 1. the X Baby Tank 2. The Tube mod version and 3. The V12 Tank, (an older tank that is not a Baby Beast) Alot of $$ later I'm more familiar with the tanks and their coils. I don't think Zamplebox knows it has coils in this list that don't belong here.


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