Dike, IA
January 2017
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Best Vape💨 If you are an active vaper, get this mod! One of my favorites, really easy to hold and use! I've dropped it plenty of times, and still works as if I just bought it! Worth the extra couple bucks! Dont forgot it also takes 4 batteries, which sucks to pay for as well as the charger for them. It's worth it though! The battery's life is very long! Last me two days and I vape a lot!


This is a very smooth fruity juice, if your looking for something that's going to taste really good with a low throat hit, this is the vape juice for you. The only small complaint I would have to say was the fact that the VP (cloud level) was a little low wish it produced more clouds💨 all around I'd rate it 9.5-10