ZampleBox proudly presents, Z by ZampleBox. Our premium line of delicious vape flavors is inspired by 140k ZampleBox members favorite flavor profiles. Currently, only available in Vape Shops and our online stores, Z by ZampleBox is NOT available in the ZampleBox subscription service.

  • These flavors were designed based off of 150,000+ vapers most loved e-liquids of all time.
  • The world's first line based off community, not on what a single artist believes.
  • Every flavor note was exhaustively refined by the expert curator team at ZampleBox
  • Zach McLain has been in the vaping industry for nearly 10 years
  • Owner and Founder of a very successful e-liquid line and vape shop
  • Active Advocate for Vaping
  • Located in the USA and using USP grade kosher propylene glycol, USP grade Kosher Vegetable glycerin, US sourced flavorings and NIC select brand 100% pure nicotine.
  • ISO 7 Certified, GMP Compliant and active AEMSA Certified Member

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