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Greg M.
First month I received 70ml in my ZampleBox. Between the vendors and sizes in the box, it came out to be a huge bargain! Found a couple vendors I never heard of before that I now order regularly from. Tony and the ZampleBox team know what they’re doing! Recommended to anyone who wants to find new flavors/vendors.
Greg M. Vaping 6 Months
Eric Johnson
If variety is the spice of life then I hope you like extra spicy! There is something in the box for everyone, THAT you can be sure of. Even some of the flavors I would not think to try have turned out to be surprisingly good. Thank you ZampleBox, I only wish this service was around sooner! You Rock!
Eric Johnson Vaping 7 Years
Kathie L
ZampleBox has introduced me to brands and flavors I never would have tried before (much less heard of). I have since re-ordered from the original vendors and been very pleased. I look forward to every new ZampleBox shipment. It's like Christmas every month! Go gold!
Kathie L Vaping 8 Months
Karen Zopfi Ladue
I switched to vaping in order to quite smoking. Have been vaping on and off for 2 years. But now full-time vaping. Besides joining ZampleBox, it was the best choice I have ever made.
Karen Zopfi Ladue Vaping 2 Years
John Caire
A great way to get introduced to new and unique juice vendors every month. Been enjoying some juice that I would never have purchased on my own.
John Caire Vaping 6 Months
Wayne Hays
Absolutely perfect! Some of the selections I would have never known about if it weren’t for Zamplebox!
Wayne Hays Vaping 3 Years
Justin Zaelke
An amazing answer to the quest for your all-day vape! If you're anything like me you’ve tried dozens and dozens of flavors from the local Brick and Mortar all the way to flavors off the internet. Often times you’d try a few drops of a new juice and have to throw out the bottle because the flavor just wasn’t for you. The first ZampleBox that I received had a whole bunch of high-quality juice! No no-name gas station e-liquid here! Thank you so much for this service ZampleBox! Love you guys (and gals)!
Justin Zaelke Vaping 7 Months

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