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Jon's ZampleBox
Jon's ZampleBox

Jon is a fan of dessert e-juice flavors and also fruit e-liquid flavors. In Jon’s 4th ZampleBox, we included a delicious variety of flavors including Wanna Cookie from Source Code Vapor, several popular fruit e-juices and two ceral flavors that were on Jon’s wish list from D2 and Nick’s Blissful Brews. In total, Jon saved more than $50 this month!

Tony Mandarano CEOTony Mandarano, CEO

  • 11Bottles
  • 11Brands
  • 3mgStrength
  • $132Retail Value
  • $44.99Member Price
  • $780Yearly Savings
Angie's ZampleBox
Angie's ZampleBox

Angie told us that she wanted to receive an assortment of predominantly fruit flavored e-juice. Angie also added mango e-liquid flavors to her ZampleBox wish list. On her 12th ZampleBox, we sent her a delicious mango vaping liquid, Manchu by Alpha Vape. She also received a strawberry whipped cream flavor and a delectable mango flavor from Ben Jonson’s. In total, Angie saved about $35 this month and received 6 full size bottles!

Tony Mandarano CEOTony Mandarano, CEO

  • 6Bottles
  • 6Brands
  • 6mgStrength
  • $70Retail Value
  • $24.99Member Price
  • $420Yearly Savings
Jordan's ZampleBox
Jordan's ZampleBox

Jordan is a fan of dessert e-juice flavors and also requested cereal e-liquid flavors on his e-juice flavor wish list. In his 8th ZampleBox, we included a delicious vanilla cream & fudge e-juice from Cosmic Charlie’s as well as two amazing cereal vape flavors: Cereal Number by D2 and Loop Ninja by Nick’s Blissful Brews! Jon saved $10+ this month and 3 delicious all-day vapes!

Tony Mandarano CEOTony Mandarano, CEO

  • 3Bottles
  • 3Brands
  • 12mgStrength
  • $36Retail Value
  • $19.99Member Price
  • $120Yearly Savings