Introducing the 30ml ZampleBox! $4.91 per 30ml bottle!

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How does ZampleBox work?

e-liquid flavors

We send you vape juice based on your flavor profile.

  • Build your profile from over 250 flavor notes
  • Flavor Profile is ABSOLUTELY free and helps create a unique experience that's just for you!
  • ZampleBot, our cutting edge algorithm, learns from you as you rate and your e-liquids
e-juice flavors

Your box gets more customizable every month.

  • Choose bottles for your box with our add-to-box feature
  • Unlock more add-to-box slots each month
  • Over 2,000 flavors from more than 300 brands
  • Only the best American-made e-liquid brands
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It's like Christmas every month!

  • Get your box delivered to your door every month!
  • Share what you love with a vibrant community of fellow vapers
  • Never run out of coils, wick, wire and more with add-ons
  • Relax and enjoy. You're getting the best prices in all of vaping