WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About ZampleBox

We exist to make vaping simpler, more fun and more accessible.

At ZampleBox, we take pride in being a community first and a product second. Everything we do revolves around improving the quality of life for our international family of vapers. When you subscribe to ZampleBox, you not only receive a box of the best vaping liquids at 67% off retail prices, you help change the world by helping more people switch to vaping.

We thrive on community. We are ZampleBox.

Picture at Washington State Capitol rally when we testified in front of State Representatives

Community First

We're a community first and a product second. Period. The photo above was taken at the Washington State Capitol as we rallied together other ZampleBox Members and testified in front of State Representatives to protect vapers' rights. The ZampleBox Family is spread across all 50 states, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and beyond!

Picture of an avid vaper. We vape for life.

We vape for life

It's a principle that guides us through everything we do at ZampleBox. Live, love, and appreciate life.

Picture of a e-cig user with his son. Vaping for life!

Live for life's greatest joys

You've made the biggest change of your life and we're here to support you. We understand that the journey isn't always easy. We're here for you to make sure you live for life's greatest joys. One of which is the joyous ZampleBox that shows up on your doorstep every month.

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