WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Top E-juice brands

Sour King Logo

Sour King 11 Products

4.5/5 9,001 Ratings

Known best for Pink Square, Watermelon Burst, and Blue Razzapple Slush

Kilo Sour Series (Previously Bazooka) Logo

Kilo Sour Series (Previously Bazooka) 14 Products

5.0/5 1,490 Ratings

Known best for Blue Raspberry Sours ICE, Strawberry Sours, and Strawberry Sours ICE

Coastal Clouds Sweets Logo

Coastal Clouds Sweets 8 Products

4.5/5 1,277 Ratings

Known best for Apple Peach Strawberry, Lemon Meringue Pie, and Iced Apple Peach Strawberry

Vapetasia Logo

Vapetasia 9 Products

4.5/5 15,994 Ratings

Known best for Killer Kustard Strawberry, Killer Kustard, and Killer Kustard Lemon

Coastal Clouds Oceanside Logo

Coastal Clouds Oceanside 6 Products

5.0/5 767 Ratings

Known best for Pink Lemonade, Guava Punch, and Blueberry Limeade

Fruit POP! Logo

Fruit POP! 4 Products

5.0/5 1,690 Ratings

Known best for Juicy Mango Strawberry, Big Apple, and Strawberry Kiwi

Barista Brew Co. Logo

Barista Brew Co. 8 Products

4.5/5 4,468 Ratings

Known best for Cinnamon Glazed Blueberry Scone, Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher., and Salted Caramel Macchiato

The Chubby Baker Logo

The Chubby Baker 8 Products

4.5/5 6,475 Ratings

Known best for Baker's Melons, Strawnana, and Baker's Islands

Vaper's Choice Logo

Vaper's Choice 13 Products

4.5/5 380 Ratings

Known best for Fruit Fusion, Tropical Colada, and A La Mode

Vape Lemonade Logo

Vape Lemonade 6 Products

5.0/5 6,016 Ratings

Known best for Pink Lemonade, Blackberry, and Peach Lemonade

Tyrant Logo

Tyrant 5 Products

5.0/5 5,153 Ratings

Known best for Mango Warrior, Spartans Blood, and Assassin

Rogue Liquids Logo

Rogue Liquids 5 Products

4.5/5 1,284 Ratings

Known best for Tricks Mix, Sucka Punch, and Wildberry Rainbow

The Classic House line Logo

The Classic House line 10 Products

4.0/5 4,544 Ratings

Known best for Golf Cart Candies, Dream Cream, and Mocha Mania

High Voltage Logo

High Voltage 10 Products

4.0/5 23,428 Ratings

Known best for Tesla, Shock Treatment, and Red Energy

Stunna Logo

Stunna 2 Products

4.5/5 3,231 Ratings

Known best for Liquid Gold and Cash Money

I-Liquids Premium Line Logo

I-Liquids Premium Line 5 Products

4.5/5 2,283 Ratings

Known best for Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberries & Cream, and Vanilla Custard

Risky E-Juice Logo

Risky E-Juice 3 Products

5.0/5 1,074 Ratings

Known best for Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Iced Tea, and Lemonade Iced Tea

Skwezed eJuice Logo

Skwezed eJuice 4 Products

4.5/5 3,281 Ratings

Known best for Grapefruit, Lychee, and Green Apple

Bomb BombZ Ice Series Logo

Bomb BombZ Ice Series 5 Products

4.5/5 151 Ratings

Known best for God's Gift Ice, Sour Deez Ice, and Green Crack Ice

Wet Liquids Logo

Wet Liquids 11 Products

5.0/5 12 Ratings

Known best for Raspberry Orange, Tropics, and Lychee

Vertigo Vapor Logo

Vertigo Vapor 6 Products

4.5/5 2,991 Ratings

Known best for Pink Drink, Tango Ice, and Pream Whip

Vape City West Side Line Logo

Vape City West Side Line 5 Products

4.5/5 2,042 Ratings

Known best for Crème de la Crème, Blueberry Blast, and Strawberry Milk Shake

Coastal Clouds Deep Sea Logo

Coastal Clouds Deep Sea 3 Products

5.0/5 5,825 Ratings

Known best for The Traveler, The Voyage, and The Abyss

Smoozie Logo

Smoozie 4 Products

4.5/5 1,651 Ratings

Known best for Strawberries Gone Wild, Maui Waui, and ICE Strawberries Gone Wild

Hundo Logo

Hundo 5 Products

4.5/5 920 Ratings


Sweet Station By Cali Steam Logo

Sweet Station By Cali Steam 5 Products

4.5/5 10,843 Ratings

Known best for Carnival, Razzle Pop, and Cali Milk

Worlds Best Jelly Bean Logo

Worlds Best Jelly Bean 6 Products

4.5/5 1,185 Ratings

Known best for Watermelon Jelly Bean, Peach Jelly Bean, and Grape Jelly Bean

Vape Craft Inc. Black Label Premium Private Reserve Logo

Vape Craft Inc. Black Label Premium Private Reserve 3 Products

5.0/5 4,050 Ratings

Known best for Green Jacket, VIP, and Legacy 650

The Big 100 Logo

The Big 100 10 Products

4.5/5 5,967 Ratings

Known best for Strapple, KLB, and Melon Bubble

Public Bru Logo

Public Bru 3 Products

4.5/5 136 Ratings

Known best for Graham Master, Graham Father, and Graham Mother

Loyalty E Juice Logo

Loyalty E Juice 5 Products

4.5/5 836 Ratings

Known best for Melon Ade Ice, Ki Berry, and Wata Mango

Obey Vapes Logo

Obey Vapes 13 Products

4.5/5 5,580 Ratings

Known best for Loopster, Screamy Strawberry, and Gravity

Maxx Logo

Maxx 10 Products

3.5/5 5,458 Ratings

Known best for Maxx Melons, Maxx Slushy, and Maxx Fritter

Cocktail Collection Co. Logo

Cocktail Collection Co. 11 Products

4.5/5 3,745 Ratings

Known best for Pink Lemonade, Apple Peach Strawberry, and Apple Peach Strawberry Iced

Vape Craft Inc Bombshell Premium Logo

Vape Craft Inc Bombshell Premium 5 Products

4.5/5 4,004 Ratings

Known best for Lucille, Marilyn, and Sophia

100 Proof Vape Co Logo

100 Proof Vape Co 5 Products

4.5/5 6,741 Ratings

Known best for Sour Nectar, Hawaiian Sun, and Southern Brew

Space Jam Logo

Space Jam 18 Products

4.0/5 8,067 Ratings

Known best for Terrasphere, Andromeda, and Astro

Unknown Logo

Unknown 1 Products

5.0/5 23 Ratings

Known best for Smooth MelonBerry

The lemonade Stand Logo

The lemonade Stand 9 Products

4.5/5 3,700 Ratings

Known best for Blueberry Lemonade, Tropical Lemonade, and Orangeade

The Classic Line Favorites Logo

The Classic Line Favorites 6 Products

4.5/5 4,956 Ratings

Known best for Frosted Glass, Peach Courtyard, and Sugarmelon

Vapors Anonymous Logo

Vapors Anonymous 5 Products

4.0/5 1,884 Ratings

Known best for Relapse, Milk of the Gods, and 12 Steps

Aeris Vapors Logo

Aeris Vapors 4 Products

4.5/5 3,202 Ratings

Known best for LUSH, Sky, and Magna

Vape Craft Inc High Class Premium Logo

Vape Craft Inc High Class Premium 3 Products

4.5/5 2,341 Ratings

Known best for Guilty Pleasure, Taste of the Orient, and Members Only

The Classic Line Alternative Logo

The Classic Line Alternative 6 Products

4.0/5 5,589 Ratings

Known best for Pool Pass, Greek Treat, and Vallet all Day

Primal Elixirs Logo

Primal Elixirs 2 Products

5.0/5 1,464 Ratings

Known best for Learn and Consume

High Class House Line Logo

High Class House Line 4 Products

4.5/5 6,461 Ratings

Known best for Melon Head, Red Alert, and Island Dream

Vape Craft Inc. The Classic Line Logo

Vape Craft Inc. The Classic Line 6 Products

4.0/5 1,874 Ratings

Known best for Golden Custard, High Dive, and Bowl of Loops

Due Time Logo

Due Time 3 Products

4.5/5 892 Ratings

Known best for Crisp Fuji, Vanilla Bean MilkShake, and Lemon Bar

Strawberry Queen Logo

Strawberry Queen 7 Products

4.5/5 7,135 Ratings

Known best for MASON, QUEEN, and KNIGHT

The Milkman Logo

The Milkman 17 Products

4.5/5 14,448 Ratings

Known best for Delights Pixie Tarts, Churrios, and Strudelhaus

Simple E-Fruit Logo

Simple E-Fruit 7 Products

4.5/5 2,229 Ratings


Oneup Vapor Logo

Oneup Vapor 20 Products

4.5/5 77,132 Ratings

Known best for Strawberry Gummy, Sour Belts, and Watermelon Gummy


VIBE 5 Products

4.0/5 1,003 Ratings

Known best for Blues, Rock, and EDM

Circus E-Liquid Logo

Circus E-Liquid 4 Products

4.5/5 1,734 Ratings

Known best for Circus Coconut Cake, Circus Cotton Candy, and Circus Cookie

Bomb BombZ Premium E Liquid Logo

Bomb BombZ Premium E Liquid 7 Products

4.5/5 11,606 Ratings

Known best for God's Gift, Sky Walker, and Green Crack

Kilo Standard series Logo

Kilo Standard series 10 Products

3.5/5 5,244 Ratings

Known best for Lemon Berry, Kiwi, and Mixed Berries

Psycho E-liquids Logo

Psycho E-liquids 3 Products

4.0/5 1,038 Ratings

Known best for YETI, Unicorn, and KITTY


DSRT 5 Products

4.5/5 1,775 Ratings

Known best for Strawberry Cream Cannoli, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich, and Raspberry Cheesecake

Scripted Liquid Logo

Scripted Liquid 4 Products

4.5/5 1,508 Ratings

Known best for Hiero, Boustro, and Brahmi

Food Fighter Juice Remix Logo

Food Fighter Juice Remix 3 Products

4.5/5 68 Ratings

Known best for Pound It Remix, The Raging Donut Remix, and C.Pie Remix

Best Vape Juice Brands

Tried, tested and true: these are the best vape juice brands as chosen by you, the ZampleBox Family. It's always tough for us to choose the candidates for lists like these, but your shining reviews made it much easier. Sifting through hundreds of thousands of reviews on the best vape juice brands wasn't easy, but these are the top 11 brands, as chosen by you. The ZampleBox family has spoken. It’s time to check out which vape brands made our list.

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Cali Steam

With its wide range of products and flavors, it’s not hard to see why Cali Steam made our list of the best vape juice brands this year. High-quality and pure. There is a sense of perfection packed in every hit of their welcoming and sweet flavors. From their bold candy flavors and buttery smooth strawberry to creamy sweet custard, Cali Steam is known for their dessert-like flavors and satisfying vapor production. Perfect for any sweet tooth, reviews from the ZampleBox family tout Cali Steam as 'highly recommended,' with a 'heavenly' sweetness that lingers on the lips. Add Cali Steam to your vape collection if the sweet is what you need.

Coastal Clouds

Among the favorite vape brands is Coastal Clouds, a juice collection that specializes in bringing you summer beach vibes and cocktail-fueled nights. With juices like "The Abyss," "The Traveler" and "The Voyage," Coastal Clouds' signature blends bring together crisp citrus and melon flavors with a savory sweetness. Our customers describe the flavor profiles of Coastal Clouds juices as "very accurate" and faithful to their original flavor profiles. Some have compared their juices to a "cool drink of water," while others describe them as "well balanced" and "subtle." Their citrusy and tropical flavors make Coastal Cloud not only one of the best e-juice brands, but also an unforgettable experience. It's time to take a vacation to vape cloud 9. Are you ready?

Dr. Shugar Chitz

For all the juice aficionados looking for some intense fruit-blended flavors, the "doctor" is in the house. Dr. Shugar Chitz juice blends span a full range of fruity tastes and even have fun names like "HoneyDooDoo" and "Strawbert!" Their juices feature a high level of vapor production with a low throat hit. choose from a full range of tropical fruit flavors like cantaloupe, melon, honeydew, guava, and even mint! Our customers have said they prefer Dr. Sugar Chitz’s highly concentrated melon flavors because they "pack a punch." Get your hands on some Dr. Shugar Chitz today!


If there’s one thing that FRYD's Banana flavor does well, it’s getting that ratio of butterscotch and banana flavors just right. Smoky, caramelized flavors infuse this e-juice, giving it a buttery cream finish with subtle but unmistakable crunchy graham cracker notes. It’s a complex but enjoyable journey through one of the best e-juice brands. Customers say they love this juice because of its natural flavor profile. "Usually, every banana flavor tastes like candy… but this juice was different. The smell of the juice is the scent of a freshly cooked banana with butterscotch after tones… the inhale was a flavorful explosion of bananas and butterscotch. The exhale was of soft graham crackers and cinnamon… this juice is delicious. I cannot get enough of it. I thoroughly enjoy this flavor, and it will always be in my top 5. Get it. It's worth it!" Check out this and a great collection of other 'fried' flavors today!

One Up Vapor

If you love sour candies, you’re sure to love One Up Vapor’s collection of signature flavors. Wet ’N’ Wavy, in particular, is making waves with vaping aficionados, providing a tangy and sweet watermelon taste on the inhale, coupled with a playful gummy flavor on the exhale. It will instantly wrap you in sweet and sour nostalgia, as the complex flavors travel through every hit. It has a low throat hit but produces plenty of fragrant and enjoyable vapor. It's time to one-up your juice collection.

Pop! Vapors

Pop! Vapors are one of the most well-loved vape juice brands for a reason. Their e-liquids keeps things simple, choosing to perfect something classic rather than dive into new blends. Their main selling point is the fact that their "candy" flavors like grape candy or bubblegum taste incredibly authentic, rather than artificial, like cough syrup. Customers love the fact that there is "not much throat hit but still plenty of "cloud" and that their sweet grape taste reminded them of grape juice from when they were younger. Three cheers for nostalgia!

Rainbow Mouth

Another hit for sour candy lovers, "Rainbow Mouth" is a vape brand that has proven itself supreme time and again. They appeal to those who love the uncomplicated and sweet flavors of youth, without all the heavy baggage of sweetness. The sweet but tangy flavor profiles of Rainbox Mouth juices stays true throughout the experience, as many of our customers have reported. Quite a few customers have personally requested Rainbow Mouth’s "Mystery Sour BLTS" for their box as a new favorite every month and they’re never disappointed!

The Milkman

Lovers of sour candy have their choice of some of the best vape juice brands. But what if you’re just craving the wholesome, simple delight of a milkshake? Enter the premium quality vape brand The Milkman. Named for its creamy, milky vaping flavor and experience, The Milkman has a collection of e-juices that simply cannot be recreated. Their fresh and innovative flavor profiles will remind you of a 1950s American diner, indulgent and nostalgic all at once. Customers have reported that e-liquids like "Little Dipper," "Pudding" and "Milky O’s" have a true-to-taste flavor profile and a nice, smooth vaping experience that reminds you of chocolate cookies filled with cream.


Vapetasia’s collection of e-juices delivers consistently uniform and robust flavor profiles that customers say is "smooth" and "spot on". Intended for dessert junkies, Vapetasia juices will delight those who love flavors reminiscent of dessert pies like custard and lemon or pineapple and cream. Their e-liquids are less about the sweetness of the flavors and more about the accuracy of the flavor profiles themselves. Our members say that each of the e-juices is a decadent and smooth experience, with a creamy inhale and a "punchy" exhale.

Vape Craft

With several different collections, Vape Craft has been focused on providing the best e juice brands to fit the preferences of a whole variety of tastes and preferences. Ranging from premium flavors like "Club House" and "Diamond Status" to the more classic lines of "Poolside Popsicle" and "Cafe Mocha," Vape Craft is dedicated to crafting flavor profiles that deliver a different experience every time. "Bowl of Loops," for example, has what customers call a "delicious breakfast" vape experience "without being too overpowering." Meanwhile, premium e-liquids like "Yacht Club" appeals to customers for its simple but intense blueberry-and-toast flavor. If you're a fan of many tastes, it may be time to see what Vape Craft can offer your vape game.

Vertigo Vapors

With its low throat hit and high vapor production, WCL by Vertigo Vapor is a fan favorite that helps round off the list of the most loved vape brands and clinches the final spot for Vertigo Vapor. It has been specially formulated to bring together the flavors of "crisp watermelon cubes" and "fresh-squeezed limeade" as well as "ripe Washington cherries." Customers have said "this flavor is so on point!" and that the limeade makes the inhale and exhale cooling but "not like menthol." Many customers agree that WCL by Vertigo Vapor git the entire experience of classic cherry limeade juice just right. The best part? It smells fantastic!

What did you think of our list? While we stand behind every vape company we sell, the community has spoken and these were the favorite brands according to the ZampleBox family.

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