A line that will sure to put a happy emoji right on your face

We will waste not time with introductions! Let's get straight to it. First, Blue Raspberry - Created with five different berry ingredients to provide the ultimate blue raspberry flavor.

Blue Razz

Right off the bat on the inhale you get a smooth sweet taste of the blue raspberry which reminds me of a hard candy or taffy type flavor. Very smooth clean taste on the inhale but it does have a slightly harsh taste on the exhale. The cloud production from this flavor is great, this could definitely have the potential to be a great all day vape for you fruit and candy loving vapes!

Peach Rings

Next up, Peach rings- A satisfying peach flavor combined with fruity and creamy mixtures to produce the perfect peach ring candy taste. With flavors such as strawberry, peach, and cream, peach rings is constructed to provide the ultimate smoothness while incorporating a mouthful of sweetness.

This flavor will imitate the taste of a great big juicy peach on the inhale with super sweet notes to give it that sugar loaded authentic candy peach rings taste. On the exhale I a smooth sweet taste which reminds me of the leftover sugar left after finishing the bag of candy. This flavor has a super smooth taste throughout and is not harsh at all, this combined with the cloud production will have you chucking sweet peachy clouds of goodness. The sweetness on this flavor combines well with the fruit to avoid becoming overpowering, great addition to your favorite candy flavors.

Watermelon Gummy

Finally, Watermelon Gummy- As the flavor states, watermelon gummy was inspired by the candy that many people have come to love and enjoy. Providing a tangy sweet watermelon taste when inhaled while leaving a delightful gummy savor

Definitely the best watermelon flavor I have ever tasted. It gives you all of the powerful flavor and tang from the watermelon combined with a dusting a of sweetness which you can taste hints of on the inhale and exhale. This flavor gives me a slight harshness on the exhale identical to the blue raspberry flavor which some vapers may be more accustomed to than others. Give this flavor a try and you are guaranteed to fall in love!

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