Coming very soon to a ZampleBox near you...

We're extremely excited to announce we've partnered with GOST Vapor to bring 15mls and 30mls to ZampleBox! GOST Vapor is sad to be made from the very best and finest ingredients. Lab-made in California, it's a self proclaimed, "...Best All-Day vape that will never cease to satisfy". I like the confidence, but let's put it to the taste test.

First Set Up: Sigelei 213, Goon RDAwith stapled captions @ 100 watts, 0.13 ohms


Described as a fluffy stack of buttermilk pancakes, smothered in butter and topped with real Canadian maple syrup.

This is by far the most authentic Pancake flavor that I have ever vaped. Very smooth throughout, leaves no tickle on your throat at all. On the inhale you get more of a sweet creamy batter like taste followed by a warm wholesome pancake taste. This vape would go great with your morning coffee or tea. This flavor is super smooth throughout Any dessert loving vaper should add this to their list of favorites!


Described as a tall glass of cold, delicious milk complemented by sweet vanilla notes.

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A very simple and creamy tasting vape which could easily vaped all day. On the inhale you get the smoothness of a drink of cold milk and on the exhale you get notes of vanilla and a heavier cream taste. This will very easily fit into your all day vapes, lots of cloud production and not harsh at all. This flavor also mixes great with Gost’s pancake flavor, another perfect morning vape or dessert flavor.


Described as a perfectly layered mixture of strawberry yogurt, crunchy fruit cereal swirled together to absolute perfection.

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Overall a very tasty vape. I must say though the fruit loops in this dominate the parfait and strawberries. If you are a cereal or dessert loving vaper this is right up your alley. On the inhale you get more a smooth and creamy taste of a spoon full of fruit loops and on the exhale. Great cloud production from this juice but it is slightly harsher than the other two flavors in the line.


Described as a vanilla, heavy whipped cream with golden brown salted caramel drizzle

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This one is unique for sure! I get more of the salted caramel flavor over whipped cream, but there is a vanilla / whipped cream flavor in there. On inhale, there's the taste of browned caramel, and exhale its a blend of the salted caramel with faint whipped cream flavor. It's actually pretty good, and not overly sweet - really solid for an all day vape. A slight throat hit with this flavor, and not a loud of vapor production, but if you're looking for a solid dessert all-day vape, this is your answer.


Described as a Pina Colada Cupcake - Pineapples, coconut, and vanilla baked together with creamy frosting.

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Ok, just by the description alone I knew I was going to love this. Pina Colada cupcake?! Seriously, Gost has some of the most unique flavors I've ever tasted! Ok, so, tried it - did not get cupcake what so ever in this flavor, but the Pina Colada + Pineapple combo is freakin' delicious. Stronger flavor for sure, not a lot of vapor product or noticeable throat hit. Solid Pina Colada flavor for sure, delicious and tasty - but bummed about the cupcake.

We're excited about Gost Vapor joining in the ZampleBox Family! If you can't wait for these delicious flavors in your zamplebox, you can purchase any flavors from their line on our ZB Retail Store!

Which flavor from GOST are you excited to try?