We found a couple of awesome grandpas and asked them to try vaping for the first time.

With vaping being such a new-fangled trend in the world of nicotine consumption, it tends to be a thing that’s often associated with younger folk. Since you kids are slowly enveloping everything in a dessert-flavored fog, we thought we’d get the opinions of some older gentlemen on what this vaping thing is all about.

Enter Ed and Mark, two smokers who have never known the luxury of chucking fat clouds. We figured it would be a good idea to get them on camera and have them try a few sub-ohm devices so we could get their thoughts and reactions on this whole vaping thing. In this video, Ed and Mark try Empire from The Blueprint on the Endura T18 starter kit, Hulk Tears by Mighty Vapors on the Vaporesso Nebula, and last but not least, One Up’s Churros and Ice-cream on the Reuleaux RX2/3. What did they think? What was their favorite? Watch and find out!

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