Sounds amazing...but is it?

You might have seen Roper back in the day, it was quite the hype juice for a while. I figured we received in why not see what the hype was all about. Roper is 70/30 blend, and since I'm currently out of coils for my TFV8 Baby Beast I figured throwing it on a dripper would be alright. Roper is described as a sweet, tart and tangy mixture of fruity goodness stuffed into a tube of licorice candy. Before I review this, I'm going to let you know I hate licorice with a flaming passion. It's gross to me, but this juice came at a surprise....

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On inhale, I get a sweet and tangy candy flavor, on exhale it's a solid mix of sweet, tangy, and tart candy fill. I couldn't place my finger on exactly what it tastes like, but it's a good juice. It almost has a lemony twist to it. So my verdict, overall it's a great juice if you enjoy candy flavors. It's not overly sweet and has a good combo of the tart / sweet flavor. Maybe I'm crazy, or it's been that long since I've had licorice, but it doesn't take like licorice to me, maybe one of those candy-filled licorices, but even still tastes just like a sweet, tart and kiiiiind of lemony soft candy. For a 3mg bottle, I'll also say the flavor is pretty smooth, no real harsh throat hit or anything. If you're a candy lover, give this a shot, it might end up being your favorite flavor. I think I'd get the bottle again just to try in my sub-ohm tank (because it is pretty good).

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