Listen, you know that vaping is a good alternative to smoking. You also know the science behind the assertion we just made is sound. And you know that vaping is becoming so popular that big Tobacco is trying to muscle in on the industry.

But if you’re new to vaping, or you’re just interested in it, you might be wondering about the other things that make vaping a good choice for you. We understand because we’ve been there. All of us have wondered at one point or another this: aside from the science, which has been covered to death, is vaping really good? And while we can scream from the mountaintops yes, we figured we’d tone ourselves down and just mention three other great things about vaping to keep in mind.

Advancements in Technology

First up: technology. Vaping is relatively new in the States, but in the last decade, we’ve moved from single-use vape pens to mods that will blow your mind. Technology has made it possible for us to change our wattage, the temp, program our mods from our phones, and even customize the lights on the devices.
That’s not even discussing how atomizers and batteries have evolved. We could cover that, but we’re known to be a bit obsessive over the tech, so we’ll just leave it here. Just know that many vapers switch up their mods every year or so to keep pace with the tech coming out.


Okay, so tech-heavy vape mods can cost a pretty penny. But you should also know that vape shops and companies have made it a mission to offer you mods and eliquids at varying price points.
Don’t want a $100 vape mod with a bunch of bells and whistles you won’t ever use? There are starter kits and mods that range from between $20 to $60. Don’t want a Click Here to visit ZampleBox Vape School