Sour Apple Gum Juice

Sour Apple Gum

by Troublemint

4.5/5 394 Ratings

gum, apple, spearmint, fruit, and sour

Green Apple Juice

Green Apple

by Skwezed eJuice

5.0/5 572 Ratings

fruit, apple, green apple, tart, and mint

H-Tears Juice


by Mighty Vapors

5.0/5 2,606 Ratings

candy, fruit, hard candy, berry, apple, melon, and watermelon

Sour Apple Juice

Sour Apple

by Bubble Pop Vapors

5.0/5 300 Ratings

fruit, sour, apple, bubblegum, and candy

Salsa Grape Juice

Salsa Grape

by Old Loco

5.0/5 44 Ratings

fruit, grape, apple, and green apple

Beta Juice


by Alternative

5.0/5 1,590 Ratings

apple, menthol, and peach




5.0/5 5 Ratings

dessert, apple pie, pie, and apple

Strapple Juice


by The Big 100

5.0/5 76 Ratings

fruit, apple, and strawberry

Platinum Chalice Juice

Platinum Chalice

by Vape Craft Inc Black Label Premium

4.5/5 306 Ratings

fruit, apple, lime, and watermelon

Apple Butter Juice

Apple Butter

by Drizzle

4.5/5 2,240 Ratings

butterscotch, fruit, bakery, cookie, cinnamon, and apple

Shock Treatment Juice

Shock Treatment

by High Voltage

4.5/5 2,443 Ratings

fruit, pomegranate, and apple

Astro Juice


by Space Jam

5.0/5 327 Ratings

fruit, apple, tart, and strawberry

Bold Apple Juice

Bold Apple

by FLO

5.0/5 202 Ratings

apple and fruit

Grapple Juice


by The Big 100

5.0/5 458 Ratings

fruit, grape, apple, and strawberry

Cypher Jax Juice

Cypher Jax

by Cyber Liquids

4.5/5 2,316 Ratings

cereal, cinnamon, fruit, milk, apple, and red apple

Alpha Juice


by Alternative

5.0/5 2,266 Ratings

grape, menthol, candy, candy apple, and apple

Club House Juice

Club House

by Vape Craft Inc Black Label Premium

4.5/5 201 Ratings

fruit, apple, breakfast, and cereal

Strapple Ice Juice

Strapple Ice

by The Big 100

5.0/5 521 Ratings

menthol, apple, and strawberry

Apple Strudel Juice

Apple Strudel

by Drizzle

4.5/5 1,571 Ratings

cinnamon, churro, dessert, caramel, apple pie, pie, vanilla, candy, and apple

Frozen H-Tears Juice

Frozen H-Tears

by Mighty Vapors

5.0/5 1,428 Ratings

menthol, candy, berry, apple, melon, and watermelon

Pratt Juice


by Cheap Suits

4.5/5 376 Ratings

apple pie, pie, apple, dessert, caramel, and cinnamon

Thermal Juice


by Space Jam

4.5/5 827 Ratings

fruit, orange, apple, punch, and kiwi

Apple Waffle Juice

Apple Waffle

by Drizzle

4.5/5 1,201 Ratings

waffle, brown sugar, cinnamon, dessert, apple, and blueberry

Green Crack Juice

Green Crack

by Bomb BombZ Premium E Liquid

4.5/5 2,023 Ratings

candy, apple, green apple, fruit, gummy, and sour

Treble Juice


by Oats N Oats

5.0/5 32 Ratings

dessert, breakfast, oatmeal, cinnamon, and apple

Apple Juice


by Kilo Standard series

4.5/5 225 Ratings

fruit, apple, green apple, and red apple

Apple Butter Juice

Apple Butter

by Liquid State

4.5/5 1,386 Ratings

fruit, dessert, apple, caramel, pie, cinnamon, and pineapple

Caramel Apple Juice

Caramel Apple

by Creme De La Creme

4.5/5 148 Ratings

caramel, fruit, apple, tart, and tangy

Eve's Mistake Juice

Eve's Mistake

by Good Life Vapor

4.0/5 766 Ratings

apple, icy, and menthol

Forbidden Fruit Juice

Forbidden Fruit

by Jackson Vapor

4.0/5 2,585 Ratings

fruit, apple, citrus, lime, and tart

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