Gold Juice


by GOST Vapor

5.0/5 775 Ratings

dessert, caramel, coffee, and cookie

Grind Juice


by Low Key

4.5/5 602 Ratings

dessert, cream, chocolate, mocha, coffee, and white chocolate

Illusion Juice


by Vape Storm

5.0/5 171 Ratings

tobacco, dessert, cream, rich, coffee, and custard

Frappe Juice


by Bangin Liquids

4.5/5 342 Ratings

dessert, cream, caramel, and coffee

Bus Pass Juice

Bus Pass

by Transit Vape

4.0/5 1,952 Ratings

dessert, mocha, coffee, and vanilla

Cafe Royale Juice

Cafe Royale

by Cyber Liquids

4.0/5 634 Ratings

dessert, coffee, vanilla, french vanilla, and cinnamon

Coffee High Juice

Coffee High

by Two Peas

3.5/5 971 Ratings

dessert, drink, and coffee

Irish Juice


by Hard Cocktails

4.0/5 6 Ratings

tobacco, cream, coffee, and bold

Venus Chai Juice

Venus Chai

by Zen Vapor Room

4.0/5 1,566 Ratings

dessert, cream, spicy, chai, coffee, and tea

Moroccan Juice


by Purveyors

3.0/5 1,668 Ratings

dessert, caramel, coffee, and cinnamon

Coffee Bun Juice

Coffee Bun

by Bun Shoppe E-Liquids

4.0/5 1 Rating

dessert, coffee, and cake

Oh Latte Juice

Oh Latte

by Victory Liquid

4.5/5 1,351 Ratings

dessert, cream, coffee, vanilla, latte, espresso, custard, and bold

Vanilla Almond Milk Juice

Vanilla Almond Milk

by Moo E-Liquids

5.0/5 226 Ratings

dessert, breakfast, muffin, almond, coffee, vanilla, milk, and cereal

Wake Up Call Juice

Wake Up Call

by Carpe Diem

4.5/5 2,560 Ratings

dessert, cream, caramel, coffee, vanilla, and latte

Sovereign Juice


by Versus Vape

4.5/5 60 Ratings

dessert, bakery, coffee, cake, berry, and blueberry

Duffy Juice


by The Collection

4.5/5 53 Ratings

dessert, cream, rich, drink, coffee, and vanilla

Caramel Cove Juice

Caramel Cove

by Java Joe

5.0/5 1 Rating

dessert, caramel, and coffee

Azteca Juice


by Fate

5.0/5 1 Rating

dessert, cream, rich, and coffee

Salted Caramel Macchiato Juice

Salted Caramel Macchiato

by Barista Brew Co.

4.5/5 10 Ratings

dessert, caramel, and coffee

Seattle Juice


by PNW

3.5/5 672 Ratings

dessert, cream, hazelnut, praline, coffee, and milk

FRYD Ice Cream Juice

FRYD Ice Cream


4.5/5 2 Ratings

dessert, cream, coffee, and vanilla

Vengeance Juice


by Revenge Vapes

4.5/5 754 Ratings

dessert, cream, caramel, coffee, tea, and candy

Front St Juice

Front St

by Cape Fear Juice

4.5/5 2,086 Ratings

fruit, coffee, pastry, berry, citrus, blueberry, meringue, and lemon

Chillin W' Frosty Juice

Chillin W' Frosty

by Two Peas

4.5/5 1,422 Ratings

menthol, cocoa, coffee, candy, mint, and peppermint

Area51 Juice


by ConspiracE Liquid

3.5/5 2,381 Ratings

dessert, coffee, and toffee

Nutz Juice


by Cosmic Fog

4.5/5 165 Ratings

fruit, cream, breakfast, almond, coffee, honey, berry, strawberry, and organic

Kona Coffee Milkshake Juice

Kona Coffee Milkshake

by Virgin Vapor

3.0/5 918 Ratings

dessert, cream, drink, chocolate, coffee, milk, ice cream, milkshake, and organic

Resistor Juice


by High Voltage

4.0/5 2,298 Ratings

dessert, caramel, coffee, and espresso

Caramel Coffee Bean Juice

Caramel Coffee Bean

by Two Peas

5.0/5 1 Rating

dessert, caramel, and coffee

925 Juice


by Good Life Vapor

4.0/5 23 Ratings

dessert, rich, chocolate, coffee, and espresso

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Gold 120ml 3mg

A delectable crunchy coffee cookie topped with just the right amount of caramelized flavor. You’ll be wanting more with each and every vape!

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Pink 30ml 3mg

Fresh pineapples, sweet coconut, and smooth vanilla are baked together and topped with creamy frosting to create the delicious Piña Colada Cupcake.

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Blue 30ml 3mg

Subtle notes of vanilla blended seamlessly into heavy whipped cream are finished delicately with a golden brown salted caramel drizzle making this dessert one for the books.

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180ml GOLD Blue & Pink $19.99 (3mg)

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